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The Whitaker Christian Academy

Fees & General Information

Application Fee: $40.00

Technology Processing Fee: $75.00 (Due at registration)

Testing and Materials Fee: $100.00

Grades K-1st Tablet Fee: $200.00 purchased through the Academy

Grades 2nd-8th Laptop Fee: $350.00 purchased through the Academy


Yearly Tuition: $4,650 paid in full or ($480 per month for 10 months) Tuition is due the 1st of each month or that following Monday if the 1st falls on a weekend date. Payments are received via Square in the front office. First Payment (Upfront) is due upon registration. Subsequent payment will be due the following month.

*Tuition includes Technological Applications, Abeka Curriculum Books, and Project Materials


Upfront Registration Fees and 1st month of Tuition are Non-Refundable upon receipt of payment.

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