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Happy Children

About Our Headmaster

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Tia Whitaker, Headmaster

Tia Whitaker

Founder and Headmaster Tia M. Litman-Whitaker has been in education for seven years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in International Business from American Intercontinental University, Headmaster Whitaker has had the privilege of being in the corporate world and financial sector for eight years. This experience has given her the ability to understand international competitiveness from an educational and business standpoint which is well beneficial for navigating through organizational affairs. After embarking on her business journey, the Lord led Headmaster Whitaker down the paths of education where she went back to school to receive a Masters of Arts in Teaching in English and Secondary Education at the prestigious University of Southern California. Graduating with the highest honor conferred of Suma Cum Laude of a GPA of 3.9, Headmaster Whitaker began her teaching journey as an intern in Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools while later on accepting full time employment with Rockdale Public Schools. 


Headmaster Whitaker had a fulfilling calling in the Rockdale County Public school sector. She was able to touch many of the lives of her students as well as faculty and staff, so much so that she was awarded the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year Award at her school. High achievement in academics for her students was one of her ambitions to ensure that students were able to master the content. For most of her tenure in RCPS, Headmaster Whitaker taught students who lagged behind academically with reading and writing. She was able to pull their test scores up significantly by the end of each school year due to her unique teaching strategies.

With what she had learned within the time frame of teaching for RCPS, Headmaster Whitaker had begun to have the desire to bring more to education from a godly perspective. Realizing that God is for people, she wanted to create a school that is not just concerned about a student’s output, but how a student can be served through input. She formulated questions such as: What kinds of self-standards can we teach students about themselves? How can we best serve the whole student so that they can perform well? We should truly teach them who they are and how God sees them. Thus, The Whitaker Christian Academy was created to exist to Evoke, Inspire, and Compel students to become more than what they think they are. Not only will the student be touched by God, but the entire family will be, as well. Without the family unit, how can the community thrive?


Founder Tia M. Litman-Whitaker has a wonderful supportive husband and 3 beautiful children, Tsion, Bella, And Autumn.

What We Are About

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The Whitaker Christian Academy is incepted to serve the underserved demographic of students society deems as irredeemable. We will take these students and conform them into malleable high achieving, high quality, and self-evolving citizens of society through relevant content that is meaningful, intentional, and purposeful. By the point of graduation, students will have a new outlook on themselves and on the world around them. Students will learn to replicate themselves by being involved in the local community while understanding that serving others should become ones greatest mission in life.

Looking Towards The Future


In 2020, The Whitaker Christian Academy opened its doors as a local homeschool in the metro Atlanta area. WCA is now expanding its compound to a fully operating and functional campus where students, faculty, and staff will attend a powerful and technologically advanced educational community. Students and parents will look forward to a culture that cares about the family unit and its prosperity.

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