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We're A Rolling Admissions Homeschool 

2nd - 8th Grade Learning Academy

The Smaller Classroom Advantage

Interested Student

The Academy’s class sizes are 13:1 or less per teacher. Studies show that students who learn within a smaller class setting tend to have higher attention rates and greater learning retention of content mastery. This is due to the instructional substantial effects the teacher is able to have in the smaller, less distracting class size. Students at The Whitaker Christian Academy will receive one on one instructional time that will help with their cognitive success. Each student will receive an individualized learning plan or Road Map Plan (RPM) that is customized to their learning abilities and levels. This will be garnered through pre assessments and Mastery Monitoring (M&M) as students learn new content. Students will work academically towards staying on track with their public school peers.

With Christ at the center of our curriculum, we will start our day with Him and end with Him.

Students will use the award winning Abeka Curriculum as their primary source for education, along with online educational apps such as Read Theory, Zearn, FirstinMath, and IXL.

Our Schedule

School Days are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm 

Afterschool Care is from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

07:30 AM - Drop Off

08:00 AM - Morning Prayer and Devotion

08:35 AM - Literature/Reading

09:35 AM - Mathematics

11:35 AM - Science I

12:05 PM - Lunch

01:05 PM - Science II

01:10 PM - Social Studies

02:10 PM - Afternoon Recess

03:00 PM - School Day Completion



Our Curriculum:

WCA uses the highly acclaimed Christian curriculum Abeka. Abeka utilizes a challenging and complete range of textbooks, workbooks, readers, and educational tools that covers all four content areas: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies from a Biblically sound standpoint. Abeka Curriculum is included in tuition. Please click here to take a look at our curriculum to discover what your scholar will learn on a day-to-day basis. 

Testing & Technology

Standardized Testing:

Our Standardized test is the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, which will be administered in the Spring of 2023 to Grades 3rd-8th only.


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Students In Grades 2nd - 8th

  • To complete their daily work, grades 2nd-8th will need to purchase a laptop through the academy or bring their own tablet with them to class.

Academic Focuses


Literacy is important to a child’s overall academic development. Literacy not only entails reading and writing, but it entails comprehension across the curriculum in Math, Language, Social Studies, and Science. WCA creates academic activities that emphasizes the practice of literacy in all content areas


Science is best learned through kinesthetic instruction. Students will learn scientific concepts where they will complete hands-on tasks and activities which create a world view mindset. Students will connect how science plays a role in our environment and how we live on a day to day basis.


Each grade level from K through 8th learns writing where the student is able to apply this skill set in sentence structuring, paragraph writing, and story-telling, depending on grade level. Students use writing to articulate thoughts while applying critical thinking skills as they demonstrate the proper use of American Standard English

Social Studies

Our world is ever-changing and evolving. Students will learn how world geography interconnects with historical anthropology through recorded documents that have withstood the hands of time. Students will gain an understanding of how historical events of past and present will shape and mold humanity’s future.


With an emphasis placed on utilizing various mathematical applications, students are assessed where they are academically for scaffolding instruction. Students will take learned math skills and apply them to real-world scenarios.


Students will be introduced to various electives throughout the week. Emphases will be placed on art, public speaking, True biblical Hebrew History, Black History, and Biblical Concepts.

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